Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: As euthanasia comes into effect in NSW, I call on lawmakers to give us legal space to provide compassionate care

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney is set to transform the St Mary’s Cathedral forecourt into the spectacular centre of Christmas celebrations in Sydney

In a major pastoral letter following the first assembly of the Synod on Synodality, Archbishop Fisher wrote that more work is needed to ensure key themes were a

Religious freedom is a path to promoting peace in a complex world, said the Vatican’s Secretary for Relations with States in Sydney on 6 November

St Mary's Cathedral was uplifted by rousing guitar ballads and lots of joy for the ordination of two missionary priests of the Neocatechumenal Way

Proposals at the synod “radically at odds” with the apostolic tradition are “not of the Holy Spirit,” Archbishop Fisher has said

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has encouraged Sydney Catholics to pray for peace at St Mary's Cathedral or in their home parishes

My sincere hope is that the defeat of this particular proposal ... is not understood as a rejection of the ongoing process of reconciliation," Archbishop Fishe

His Beatitude Cardinal Rai was joined by 10,000 Maronites at Ken Rosewall Arena for the high point of the eparchy's golden jubilee

Fr Joseph Carola SJ spoke to students, clergy and members of the public for the latest instalment of Scholarship at the Cathedral